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Our Mission

Kidderminster Horticultural Society is run entirely by elected volunteers, whose main aim is to encourage and promote horticulture and all associated activities in the local and surrounding area's, by organising various types of events throughout the year in a warm and friendly social atmosphere.

Below is a list of our core 'Mission Statement' points:


- Organise monthly talks with horticultural guest speakers, covering a vast range of horticultural subjects.

- Publish a regular newsletter to inform readers what the society has been doing, and has planned.

- Provide a Flower Arranging Class to encourage horticulturists with a passion for flowers to get together on a regular basis to discuss and practice their passion in a friendly social environment.

- Organise Horticultural shows throughout the year, which brings together all aspects of Horticulture (including Flower Displays, Judged Vegetable and Flower Contests) for the general public to attend.

If you have an interest in Gardening, Flower Arranging, Allotments, or any related Horticultural interest, which could include visiting Gardens, helping out with someone elses garden (a neighbour or relative), why not come along to one of our many events that we run and organise. Just visit our events page for a full listing, and also please consider becoming a member of the society, to join like minded people in a friendly social atmosphere and have the oppourtunity to come along on one, or all of our trips
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