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Membership Card Discounts

Your membership card allows you to recieve DISCOUNTS from a selection of companies, as listed below.

Members must show their card to the retailer BEFORE the items are entered on the till.

Wigley DIY

"We are pleased to confirm that a 10% discount will be available on all products contained under our Gardening classification which we use in store for accounting purposes, these include all Gardening Chemicals and decorative items such as Decorative Iron Works and Screening, Arches etc., It does not however cover items which we consider to be Heavyside items such as Fencing and Concrete products, and which are generally found outside the building in the car park area. Items of an Electrical nature are also excluded. All items which are found in other areas of the store i.e Fence paints and Preservatives are also excluded from discount. Also any items which are on promotion and as such have already been discounted are excluded from any further discount. We Hope you will appreciate that there are grey areas and without being specific on every item we have tried to apply a fair criteria. It has always been our wish to help local societies and we do not wish to enter into conflict with them so we hope you will advise your members of our proposal."

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