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Kidderminster Horticulturist Newsletter

Kidderminster Horticultural Society produces three newsletters throughout the year. Spring, late Summer and Winter. They are full of information and news about the events that we have run, together with news of upcoming member and public events. They are a valuable source of information.


If you have mislaid your copy or wish to refer to an earlier issue, you can download any previous newsletter by just simply clicking on the newsletter you wish to view from the table below.


The newsletters are provided in Adobe PDF format. You will require a PDF reader on your PC to read the newsletters. If you don't already have one, you can download one FREE of charge from the Adobe website by clicking HERE. Just untick the boxes for the 'optional offers' before clicking 'install'.

KHS Members Newsletter Delivery Preference (Post or email)

If you are a current member and you receive your newsletter by post and would prefer to receive it by email (or vice versa), please email, stating your current membership number, together with a quick note of your request (including the first line of your postal address) and we will sort the rest out for you.

Current members who opt for email delivery, will also receive a 'monthly update' email. There is no paper version of this due to cost constraints.

Sending newsletters by email helps us as it reduces the leg work that our volunteer delivery team have to do and also helps reduce the ever increasing costs of printing and delivery.

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