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Raffle Coordinator

Are you an organised person? Do you like meeting and chatting with people? If you answered yes, we hope you will be able to help. We are looking for someone to co-ordinate our raffles for the society. The society runs 2 main raffles throughout the year, one for the Garden Open Day and one for our 2 day annual show.

The Garden Open Day raffle raises much needed funds for local charities, whereby all the proceeds are donated to the charities. Tickets are offered to members and also we have a great relationship with the co-op in Kidderminster and Stourport who let us invade their store for a few days to sell tickets. We already have a small team of volunteers who would be able to help you over these couple of fun days.

At the two day show, you would have your own dedicated area in the main marquee, to advertise and sell tickets. You would also meet the excited winning ticket holders to hand them their prizes!

Our show coordinator organises the main prizes, but mustering up a few other prizes as well, means have more happy ticket winners!

It really is a great opportunity to chat with people, and show off your organisational skills.

If you are interested and want to know a bit more information, please give Sue Cooke a call on 01562 631001 for a chat. Without your help, it would probably mean that we would not be able to raise money for local charities.


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